Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forget about Thanksgiving... really Thanks Give....

Hello hello!!

I hope you have your Turkey ready and have some time for me! :-)

I'm specially excited about writing tonight!! I know there are some people already loving what I write and that is soooo fulfilling!! You can't imagine!!

First, sincerely huge thanks for reading this! That itself is the world to me!! I hope you are like me right now... in my pijamas, on my bed, no make-up, relaxed....  So let's do this!!

I'd like to emphasize on the Thanks-giving expression. I consider very important to truly feel that. I learned on the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar the importance of being balanced about the giving and receiving circle.

What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? You feel kind of compromised to give another compliment. Well, what I learned and that I consider interesting is that we should really appreciate that compliment and just say 'thank you' to that person. That makes us good receivers, therefore, good givers in the right moment.

We can't cut the circle. The other person is giving and we must receive! There must be a receiver in order for a giver to exist and the other way around. If you give back another compliment you are not fully appreciating and receiving that from the other person.

Believe me! When you interiorize the great feeling of receiving, you are in the perfect mood to give all you have to the world! It's just perfectly balanced!!

Don't become slave of your habits and be aware of every moment of every day!!! Be thank-ful or 'thank-full' and receive what Universe brings. In the same way, return that special gift you have inside for others...

Well, I hope I have refreshed your mind!

Enjoy your family/friends time and have a freakin awesome time eating delicious food!!!! :-D

As always here are some thoughts I'd like you to share with me:

1. What are you really really 'thank-full' for?
2. What do you consider is the gift inside you to give to the world?

Last but not least..

3. How did you prepare your Turkey for this Holiday?

What?? I just want to get some recipe ideas for my last-minute Turkey preparation... remember the circle...give give!! :-) Just joking around... I hope you enjoyed today's article!!

Good night! See you in the comments below. I want to know about you!!

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