Friday, December 13, 2013


Hello hello!!

I'm back here! Honestly I've been kind of figuring out what to post on my blog. Many topics have been on my head that at the end, I ended up with nothing! LOL Those weird days you know...

But then I thought that I don't have to write anything fancy all the time... Actually is ironic that I've 'talked' about different topics but not really about Real Estate market itself, which is the original purpose of this blog O_0 But whatever right?? Seriously, Real Estate means different things for me. Family, blessings, decoration, happiness, love, growth, ... so many things!! What do you feel/think about Real Estate? What is it for you reading this? As a client, as a professional in any field, as a mother/father with family..? Give me your thoughts...

On the other hand, I want to tell you about my other facet. Well, living in Miami is the only way something like what I'll do tomorrow is possible in the place I'll tell you on 'winter'....No, it's not that first thing that came to your mind...Jesus! LOL It's a wedding on the beach! :-) Miami is always warm and nice for an event like this. And guess what? I'm marrying the couple!! Yes, I'm a Notary Public too. I'm very excited because as you may have noticed, I have a couple on my blog background that seemed to have just gotten married and they're looking at a house.

This makes me feel like closer to my dream... work with newlyweds on their new home, finding and decorating it. This couple I'll celebrate tomorrow won't probably be the ones I'll work with in that sense but it brought and 'awake' that desire again inside me.

What are those dreams that make you lose your 'dream', what dreams have you achieved, what have you set for 2014 and what steps you'll take starting NOW to achieve it?

I'll be meditating about that tomorrow. While the bride and groom start their own journey, I'll be thinking (and reading my speech hopefully well) about my dreams!

Today, this post has been more casual and spontaneous but I liked it..

I hope to hear from you about today's open questions or any other topic/experience/desire you want to share with me as friend, reader, and follower..

I really appreciate YOU! :-)

P.S. Will share pics for tomorrow's event!! ;-)

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