Monday, November 25, 2013

Info to have on hand to make everything easier in any season!

Hello dear readers!!

Well, last weekend I started decorating my house with that Christmas feeling, warm, lovely lights everywhere.... I sincerely love it!! But what Santa does to Real Estate??

In Doral, rents are very HOT!! One property is taken like water in a desert... the truth is inventory nowadays is currently low and demand is soo high!! You really need to run to submit a good offer and pray hard to get the house.
And when talking about purchases, oh be prepared for the competence!!

Christmas is normally a high-speed stressful still happy, familiar and nice season! It's not different for Real Estate. This time with Holidays in between, all the shopping (I know! It's hard!!), and the preparations, looking for a house and applying for condos, and filling out Contracts can be overwhelming.... IF you don't plan ahead.

I believe from my experience that it's now when you should look for that house you're looking for...why? Because then you're prepared for January to start submitting applications, offers, etc. But you know what you want. Believe me... In January everyone will go back to put attention on the Real Estate market and competency will be higher than normal!

But I don't want to scare you!! Of course not! It's what is happening now but is totally possible to look for the house, make the process easy and find what you really want!! :-) Just plan ahead, either searching by yourself or with a realtor, that by the way I can recommend one to you really good.. LOL .. just plan ahead.

Here is the info you should have clear to make the process smooth:

1. What is the maximum you can afford for the house..either renting or buying.
If renting, your income should be around 2.5 the rent price; if buying, depends on the pre-approved amount or cash you have on hand. Closing costs are around 10% of the purchase price.

2. Description of the house: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, patio, balcony, condo, single family, area, pets,....everything that will filter the search to get you closer to what you are looking for.

3. Date of moving.

4. Before buying, have clear that you should have the pre-approval letter before even searching. If renting, keep in mind you should have three months available for the time of moving.

5. Last but not least, start looking for the house minimum one month and a half before moving!

I hope this was helpful. Everything is based on my knowledge and own experience. Of course is not the last word at all.

That is why I'd like to hear from you.

-What have you seen lately in the behavior of Real Estate in any area in Florida state?
-What has been difficult for you in searching that home?
-What is positive about the current status of the market?

I hope to 'see' you soon on the comments section!! :-)

Oh! And I'm sharing a picture of some lights I put in my house!! ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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