Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MY 2014 WISHES!!

My best wishes on the year ahead!! Remember every beginning is a new opportunity to be better and that your opinion about yourself is what matters!

Happy 2014 from Maria Isabel!
But also remember you don't have to wait until a new day, or a new year comes. Just act and begin now any plan, idea, dream you have.

I feel blessed to have my Real Estate career and this blog!!! News, opinions, pictures on a more regular basis must come on this new year!!

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The best of the best for you lovely reader!!! 'See you' next year!!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Hello hello!!

I'm back here! Honestly I've been kind of figuring out what to post on my blog. Many topics have been on my head that at the end, I ended up with nothing! LOL Those weird days you know...

But then I thought that I don't have to write anything fancy all the time... Actually is ironic that I've 'talked' about different topics but not really about Real Estate market itself, which is the original purpose of this blog O_0 But whatever right?? Seriously, Real Estate means different things for me. Family, blessings, decoration, happiness, love, growth, ... so many things!! What do you feel/think about Real Estate? What is it for you reading this? As a client, as a professional in any field, as a mother/father with family..? Give me your thoughts...

On the other hand, I want to tell you about my other facet. Well, living in Miami is the only way something like what I'll do tomorrow is possible in the place I'll tell you on 'winter'....No, it's not that first thing that came to your mind...Jesus! LOL It's a wedding on the beach! :-) Miami is always warm and nice for an event like this. And guess what? I'm marrying the couple!! Yes, I'm a Notary Public too. I'm very excited because as you may have noticed, I have a couple on my blog background that seemed to have just gotten married and they're looking at a house.

This makes me feel like closer to my dream... work with newlyweds on their new home, finding and decorating it. This couple I'll celebrate tomorrow won't probably be the ones I'll work with in that sense but it brought and 'awake' that desire again inside me.

What are those dreams that make you lose your 'dream', what dreams have you achieved, what have you set for 2014 and what steps you'll take starting NOW to achieve it?

I'll be meditating about that tomorrow. While the bride and groom start their own journey, I'll be thinking (and reading my speech hopefully well) about my dreams!

Today, this post has been more casual and spontaneous but I liked it..

I hope to hear from you about today's open questions or any other topic/experience/desire you want to share with me as friend, reader, and follower..

I really appreciate YOU! :-)

P.S. Will share pics for tomorrow's event!! ;-)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forget about Thanksgiving... really Thanks Give....

Hello hello!!

I hope you have your Turkey ready and have some time for me! :-)

I'm specially excited about writing tonight!! I know there are some people already loving what I write and that is soooo fulfilling!! You can't imagine!!

First, sincerely huge thanks for reading this! That itself is the world to me!! I hope you are like me right now... in my pijamas, on my bed, no make-up, relaxed....  So let's do this!!

I'd like to emphasize on the Thanks-giving expression. I consider very important to truly feel that. I learned on the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar the importance of being balanced about the giving and receiving circle.

What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? You feel kind of compromised to give another compliment. Well, what I learned and that I consider interesting is that we should really appreciate that compliment and just say 'thank you' to that person. That makes us good receivers, therefore, good givers in the right moment.

We can't cut the circle. The other person is giving and we must receive! There must be a receiver in order for a giver to exist and the other way around. If you give back another compliment you are not fully appreciating and receiving that from the other person.

Believe me! When you interiorize the great feeling of receiving, you are in the perfect mood to give all you have to the world! It's just perfectly balanced!!

Don't become slave of your habits and be aware of every moment of every day!!! Be thank-ful or 'thank-full' and receive what Universe brings. In the same way, return that special gift you have inside for others...

Well, I hope I have refreshed your mind!

Enjoy your family/friends time and have a freakin awesome time eating delicious food!!!! :-D

As always here are some thoughts I'd like you to share with me:

1. What are you really really 'thank-full' for?
2. What do you consider is the gift inside you to give to the world?

Last but not least..

3. How did you prepare your Turkey for this Holiday?

What?? I just want to get some recipe ideas for my last-minute Turkey preparation... remember the circle...give give!! :-) Just joking around... I hope you enjoyed today's article!!

Good night! See you in the comments below. I want to know about you!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Info to have on hand to make everything easier in any season!

Hello dear readers!!

Well, last weekend I started decorating my house with that Christmas feeling, warm, lovely lights everywhere.... I sincerely love it!! But what Santa does to Real Estate??

In Doral, rents are very HOT!! One property is taken like water in a desert... the truth is inventory nowadays is currently low and demand is soo high!! You really need to run to submit a good offer and pray hard to get the house.
And when talking about purchases, oh be prepared for the competence!!

Christmas is normally a high-speed stressful still happy, familiar and nice season! It's not different for Real Estate. This time with Holidays in between, all the shopping (I know! It's hard!!), and the preparations, looking for a house and applying for condos, and filling out Contracts can be overwhelming.... IF you don't plan ahead.

I believe from my experience that it's now when you should look for that house you're looking for...why? Because then you're prepared for January to start submitting applications, offers, etc. But you know what you want. Believe me... In January everyone will go back to put attention on the Real Estate market and competency will be higher than normal!

But I don't want to scare you!! Of course not! It's what is happening now but is totally possible to look for the house, make the process easy and find what you really want!! :-) Just plan ahead, either searching by yourself or with a realtor, that by the way I can recommend one to you really good.. LOL .. just plan ahead.

Here is the info you should have clear to make the process smooth:

1. What is the maximum you can afford for the house..either renting or buying.
If renting, your income should be around 2.5 the rent price; if buying, depends on the pre-approved amount or cash you have on hand. Closing costs are around 10% of the purchase price.

2. Description of the house: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, patio, balcony, condo, single family, area, pets,....everything that will filter the search to get you closer to what you are looking for.

3. Date of moving.

4. Before buying, have clear that you should have the pre-approval letter before even searching. If renting, keep in mind you should have three months available for the time of moving.

5. Last but not least, start looking for the house minimum one month and a half before moving!

I hope this was helpful. Everything is based on my knowledge and own experience. Of course is not the last word at all.

That is why I'd like to hear from you.

-What have you seen lately in the behavior of Real Estate in any area in Florida state?
-What has been difficult for you in searching that home?
-What is positive about the current status of the market?

I hope to 'see' you soon on the comments section!! :-)

Oh! And I'm sharing a picture of some lights I put in my house!! ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hello again!! As I promised, this is the 2nd part of the lessons about managing your money from now! With the income you already have... high or low, from salaries or commissions..anything.

Well, now it's about couples. If you join your income with your loved one..here's what you can do:

1. Sum up both incomes

2. Take from that amount 15% for each person.

3. Each one split that 15% in 25% amounts into personal accounts for:

-Financial Freedom Account
-Long Term Savings

(explanations about each of these accounts and what is the Millionaire Mind Seminar are on the previous post, the first part of these lessons. Please read it so you can fully understand and take advantage of the info)

4. Then, from the join balance left, divide as follows:

55% Necessities account
5% Give Account
10% Financial Freedom Account
10% Long Term Savings
10% Education
10% Play

I hope these and the previous posts have been useful for you.

Leave your comments below. Here are some questions we can talk about:

1. Do you think you can apply this to your life now?
2. What can stop you from doing it?
3. What do you think is very useful that you can apply it now without problem?
4. What other financial strategies to manage money do you know?

Hope to 'see' you soon here!! :-)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tips you can apply NOW to your daily life and organize your finances from the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar I just attended!


This weekend I assisted to this awesome event. It was held from Friday until Sunday.. all day the three days!! I sincerely learned and changed my mind in so many ways! It was one of the best time investments I have done. For the ones who doesn't know what is this, here's a brief intro:

This event and many more around the world are created by a millionaire guy called T. Harv Eker. Search him on Google! He wrote "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind." The book and seminars are focused on teach how to plan yourself to be financially free, happier, and more loving person.

I read this book not long ago because my broker recommended to me. And what a success to have done it! On the book, they give you info to go to these seminars. I highly recommend you read it and learn from these unique events.... The only thing is the price.... IT IS FREA*** FREE!!! :-) So, no excuses!!

I wanted to share part of what I learned from the Seminar that you can apply NOW to your life. It's called the jar system. But instead of jars, we'll use bank accounts.
This is to organize our finances. Doesn't matter what is your occupation, objectives or goals, age, marital status, if in debt or not, or if you are interested or not in books or events like this .... everyone who earns money and have expenses should do it!

It's very simple.

The advantages of applying what I'm about to give you are:

1. Start the road to a financial freedom
2. Get organized with your money
3. Start feeling yourself like a rich person with the money you have now
4. Get out of debt and not suffocate in more
5. Plan and reach financial goals
6. If you have a couple, stay organized together and join forces.
7. Have money for expenses other than the basic ones so you avoid using credit cards as much as possible or at all.
7. Feel frea** awesome and successful!!! Doesn't hurt, right?

Ok.... take pen and paper:


-From your net income, meaning after taxes and any deduction (hat you really have for yourself in the bank), split with the following percentages in different accounts:

55% - necessities acct

For monthly unavoidable expenses: food, gas, rent/mortgage, health insurance, credit card payments, etc.

10% - Financial Freedom Account

For investing and generate passive income. Income that keeps coming to your pocket without you physically working or being present. For example, stocks, vending machines, rental income, etc. For this, I highly recommend you read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. This will open your mind in an incredible way.

10% - Long Term Savings Account

For vacations, buy a car or a house, remodeled your bedroom, etc. Things you want to make and require larger amount of money.

10% - Education Account

Fund for education. Hopefully is education to learn how to be a more and more successful person!! :-) For example, buy the 'Rich Dad Poor Dad" book I just recommended.. ;-) just saying...

10% - Play Account

Money for entertainment. Go to the movies, go to a spa, buy clothes, dinner with your love, new hairstyle, etc.

This account will make you feel richer and will release any stress and feeling of being trapped by routine and lack of money. Just keep the spending within the 10% of your net income and don't feel guilty doing it. You are not spending money from any other of the important accounts.

5% -  The give account

Fund to return to the Universe what has been given to you. Donate this to a hospital, buy food  for someone in need, give a surprise to someone that has helped you..anything that comes from your heart and you believe it's important and feel good about it.

I hope this was helpful and you apply it right away!!

I'll complete the second part later. It will be the split plan for join incomes, if you are married or have a couple and you cover the expenses together.

Since I want this to be a 'two-way blog', I'd like you share any experience when applying this plan or any difficulty/improvement doing it.

Thanks for reading and see you soon! Be a good friend and share this with any person you think will benefit.... ;-)


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello... This is my second posting since May!! Wow!! When Real Estate was only a dream for me... Well, now I'm part of this business and I'm so happy!! I have already happy customers living in their new houses!! There's nothing more fulfilling than that.

I want to have fun and learn here on this blog! Interchange Real Estate experiences.. let's see how this goes.

But besides that and since my favorite season is around the corner, I want to specially blog about decorating tips for Christmas! Here are some questions to discuss: What do you like and dislike about these Holidays? What do you want new in your decoration?

I'll start decorating my house soon and will share pictures...

Let's get this started!! :-) Share your opinions..


Maria Isa..